February 15, 2011

I'm back and blogging for two

Well, I just fell off the face of the blogging world didn't I?

My last post was July 4th of last year, and then my life completely changed, and blogging fell by the wayside. I quit my office job, I became (am still becoming) a yoga instructor, and most shockingly, in early November, I became pregnant! The little one is due to make an appearance in early August!

Also, our life in a carriage house is coming to an end, we have bought a duplex and will be moving into one half and renting out the other. I really like the name of my blog, so I am going to keep it even though we are moving, in honor of the spirit of the year spent residing here.

I had a very tough first trimester, in which food basically became my worst enemy for a while, very very sad. I am finally feeling better, so I am easing myself back into the kitchen. So expect a slow start with recipe posts. BUT! I have started DIYing and crafting and sewing! Expect many more DIY posts, especially when we move into our new place in April. I will be focusing on up-cycling random thrift store stuff into fabulous home decor. And of course starting in late April I will be starting my garden! I am making a dedicated effort to come back to blogging I have missed it dearly.

One last thing, I will try to keep this blog from becoming a mothering blog, as I am sure most of my life will be overridden with baby stuff for a while, this will be my refuge :)

Oh yeah....and happy Valentine's Day!


medora said...

WELCOME BACK! i'm totally pumped about upcycling home decor :D

Laura said...

YAY! I'm always sad when someone who I enjoy reading about disappears. Congrats on the baby! We might being having a girl we aren't sure, my sonogram was a bit early. Good Luck with everything! I'm so jealous about the yoga job! That amazing.

Ashley said...


Ali said...

Holy cute picture.

Congrats Jessi! I'm so happy for you guys and it sounds like things are going so well for you. So good to have you back :D

Liam said...

Welcome back and congrats, Jessi!

Anonymous said...

How cute are you?! Adorable belleh.

Congratulations! :D

Jessi B. said...

Thank you thank you thank you everybody! I am so glad to be back.