February 25, 2010

Awkward first impressions.

My name is Jessi, and this is my first real attempt at blogging. I am not really a writer but I would like a place to put my thoughts and feelings out there and hopefully share something interesting with the world.
My husband Zak and I just got married in October 2009, and are living in a tiny carriage house, behind a big Victorian mansion in a very beautiful neighborhood in Denver. For some reason, the minute we walked inside our new home, I felt like living in this little place would bring good things into our life. So in we moved!

Right now, my life is centered around trying to transition out of my 9-5 desk job and into a more active and emotionally fulfilling profession. I have wanted to teach yoga since I was 16 so that is my goal now, to become a yoga teacher. I applied to the teacher training program of my dreams last week, so as long as they like my application, I will starting the program in May!

I will try to post a link to something that is interesting, cool or useful everyday. I am currently working on using all natural cleaners in our house. This is cheaper, healthier, and "greener" than buying cleaners at the store. Here is a link that has recipes for different household cleaners using white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda:



Sarah Ann said...

I love to write too! Cute Blog! I'm excited to keep reading! Great start :)

Sarah Ann sarahannrogers.com

Ali said...

Why, hello there Jessi.

I found your page through the Cooking group on 20sb. Your blog has a happy feeling to it. It's just one of those things I pick up on.

The carriage house sounds darling, btw.