April 14, 2010

Finally! Garden Plans 2010...

I think it is finally time to start planting my garden! The trees have began to blossom, and the bugs are coming out in full force. Last weekend, I evaluated our new outdoor space to see what I could do, and it looks like the little bed in front of our house is perfect for a vegetable garden, it gets about 8 hours of direct sunlight a day, and is right next to our house, so hopefully only the bravest squirrels and birds will try to eat my produce.  I am going to try to grow some tomatoes upsidedown this year. I read about this in Real Simple Magazine. If you grow your tomato plants in hanging pots, you will not have to try to prop them up with flimsy wire cages! I am also going to plant my pumpkins and squash in the backyard, away from the rest, because in my experience, these will take over the entire garden if they are in a confined space.

Front yard flower bed:
Bell peppers
Jalepeno peppers
Loose leaf lettuce (field greens)
Carrots (I've never been successful with these before, so we'll see how it goes)
An herb garden with:

Tomatoes in hanging pots on the patio

Back yard:
Pumpkins for carving
Pumpkins for eating
Butternut squash
Possible more corn

I will also plant a few flowers, just for fun :)
I have 2 calanchos that desperetely need potting and 2 primroses that also need a home.
Growing up, our entire porch was covered in morning glories, they are one of my favorites. It is such a consolation to me when I have to get up early to see the lovely flowers that only come out in the early morning.

I have found that the Farmer's Almanac website has a plethora of gardening advice, so I will be basing the planting dates off of their guide for my region. I will make sure to take tons of pictures as things start to pop up and grow!


Rainey said...

OMG, I am starting a garden sometime aka: as soon as I can Indiana Jones my way through the jungle that the last tenants left at my new house.

Alas, I am not sure if I am going to be in time to plant nearly as much as you are planning to! Ambitious!

Jessi B. said...

Haha, Rainey I used to live in a place like that, where the previous tenants had let everything in the yard go to seed. It was too much for me to deal with so I just planted stuff in containers that year :)

Liam O'Malley said...

Good luck, keep us posted! I'm also attempting a hanging tomato plant this year.