April 2, 2010

Old Family Photos & My husband's birthday!

My grandfather was a well known horse trainer, he invented a special kind of saddle and wrote a book on his method.  It's is my family's one and only claim to fame! He was also a pretty good photographer and has passed down these great photos to us. My grandparents had a horse ranch in Texas before moving to Colorado in the late 50's and building the ranch that would later become my home.

This is my grandpa

This is my grandma

Here they are in KS where my grandpa was stationed in the army

On the ranch with my uncle as a baby

Apparently hats are a great way to scoop up and drink water while hearding cattle!
I don't know who this is but he's pretty badass!
My dad and his big brother on Christmas day, this photo cracks me up :)

This is my dad doing some fancy tricks!
My dad is on the right, the other guy is some dude who came to our ranch to study with my grandpa.

Yet another un-named badass.

This was a road trip my grandma took before she was married, I LOVE these because it reminds my of "On the Road" a little bit :)

I am currently working on scanning all the old family photos onto the computer so we can have them forever. I think these are the best heirlooms, I just can't imagine anything more wonderful than seeing what life was like for my amazing grandparents. I feel so lucky to have these photos!

Also, today is my dear husband's birthday. He is 27 today, and it is our 5th birthday together :) We have been together since I was 19 and he was 22, and we have really done a lot of growing up together. This quote pretty much sums up how I feel about our relationship:

"We had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two." - Captain Corelli's Mandolin
He is the love and light of my life. I am so lucky to call him my partner in crime for life!


Ali said...
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Liam O'Malley said...

Great pictures in here Jessi, this is a great project you have to get these all cataloged and scanned in. Makes me want to do the same.

April is a great time for birthdays... mine's tomorrow =)

Jordan said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the old pics! Your Grandma was a total babe! Loved the tie in at the end with new 'old' pics of you and the hubby! good stuff! glad I stopped by!

Jessi B. said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys like the photos! Maybe I will post some more once I scan them in.