March 15, 2010


Today is my birthday! I am a huge fan of birthdays, I think everyone should celebrate them with gusto. I am now 24, and for some reason, this random age is the one that made me go "wow, I am definitely ageing!". I don't really feel "old" it's just a little shocking to me for some reason. I am now in my mid 20's. I'm cool with it though :) To commemorate my experience, here is this weird picture I found when I googled "ageing"
It's a little creepy, no? Well, let's hope that when I am an old lady I will at least have a cooler hair do than that :)

Last night my mom had Zak, his brother, and I over for dinner. We made steaks on the grill despite the cold sleeting weather, and my mom made my favorite cake. It's just chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but the recipe she uses somehow makes the cake soooo chocolaty it's almost black! It's so cool looking and delicious!

I seasoned the steaks by coating them in whiskey and then covering them with salt, pepper, garlic, lemon zest and cracked mustard seeds. It was really yummy. I pride myself in being a very intuitive cook, I almost never use a recipe, and measure by sight, but for some reason, I cannot cook meat properly without a thermometer. My husband on the other hand, in typical man fashion, will take command of the charcoal grill and use his "spidey sense" to know when the steaks are perfectly medium rare. It's truely amazing, and I am envious. It does make us a pretty good dynamic duo for cookouts :)

I'm still pretty sick, I went to the doctor on friday and instead of getting any answers about what's going on, they only gave me more questions. So now I am going in again this week for further poking and proding. Here's hoping they will be able to help me feel better soon!

Tonight, we will eat pizza and watch Coraline! We might even sneak in a few games of super mario on the wii if we're feeling really crazy, that's right, I know how to party on my birthday :)


Kayla said...

Happy Birthday!

Ali said...

First of all, your steak marinade sounds DEE-LISH.

Second and more importantly...happy birthday Jessi! Enjoy your birthday/night/week! The most low-key ones always end up being the best ones :)

Jessi B. said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies!