March 8, 2010

Revolutionary breakfast idea

Zak and I both work full time, and sometimes, it is challenging to always have food available to bring to work for breakfast and lunch. We don’t like to get frozen meals because they are really pricey, and not very filling to us, not to mention some of them taste horrendous. Pretty much all the items in our grocery cart are what we like to call “ingredients” for lack of a better word. We do our best to eat “whole foods” basically we limit the amount of processed foods with simple carbs and refined sugars in them, we do the whole “shopping around the outside of the store” thing, mainly buying items from the produce, bakery, dairy sections and the meat/seafood counter.

All of this is wonderful for our dietary intake, but not eating “convenience foods” means anything in our fridge and pantry will need to be prepared first. This is great for when I am making dinner at night, but when I need breakfast as I am running out the door to work I don’t really have time to make some oatmeal or scrambled eggs. I usually grab a yogurt and some granola to eat at my desk, but it would be nice to have a little more variety other than choosing the different flavors of yogurt :)

This weekend, I decided to try something revolutionary! Make a bunch of breakfast burritos, wrap them in paper, and freeze them! Breakfast burritos with eggs, potatoes and vegetarian green chili are one of my favorite breakfasts. Here is my recipe:

1 small handful of shredded potatoes (for convenience, I use Simply Potatoes shredded hash browns)
1 egg
2 tablespoons of vegetarian green chili (I like 505 medium gc, only 5 calories per 2 tbsp!)
1 small handful of sharp chedder, shredded
1 tortilla or whole wheat wrap

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high, once the surface is hot; add a little oil or butter. Once the fat is hot, throw in the potatoes and cook until they just start to turn brown. Now crack in the egg and scramble with the potatoes. Keep stirring until the egg is fully cooked, then stir in the green chili and take off the heat. Heat the tortilla until it is flimsy, then add the filling, and top with cheese. If you don’t know a good technique for rolling a burrito, this one is how I do it.

You can multiply this for however many burritos you want to make, for example, I made 8 yesterday, so I used 8 of everything, easy! You can buy freezer paper at the store, and wrap them in that, or just use a paper towel and a ziplock bag.

This burrito is healthy and filling! Weighing in at around 400 calories, I will eat this for breakfast and have a small lunch (soup or salad) and won't be hungry until dinner time. I brought one to work today, it was a nice break from my granola and yogurt routine :)

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